A: The Boards are designed to cut through the speed wobbles, so there are no speed wobbles at any speed.

A: The Boards are completely waterproof.

A: The system is paired between Bluetooth. If you hold both buttons, the one on the board and the remote at the same time till both of the lights are blinking fast, then they will pair.

A: We offer multiple different colors of wheels.

A: After it dies you can ride the Boards like any other longboards.

A: The Boards are designed to ride in and out of multiple different terrains, gravel, streets, dirt, sandy streets, sidewalks, low grass, even puddles.

A: We have partnered with multiple different companies to give you the option to buy now and pay later.

A: The board can go both directions without any limitations of performance.

A: The battery’s have a range of up to 13 miles depending on terrain the terrain and the weight of the rider.