USMC Veteran Nicholas Hogan founded Hogan’s Boards to be able to give the working man the capability to purchase an electric longboard that not only is the best quality but is competing with the best electric boards on the market by partnering with the right contacts to offer affordable electric longboards at a fraction of the competitors cost. Nicholas started the company as a kiosk 2 days after he got out of the Marines, now the company is world wide.

At Hogan’s boards, we wanted to create a unique product that could not only provide fun and recreation, but also transportation. Our long boards are built from the best materials while still being affordable for you the customer.

Like surfing, long boarding can be intimidating. Carving downhill can lead you to intense speeds, exhausted. Our boards are designed to eliminate these problems. A Bluetooth remote control allows you to apply the brakes if you start picking up too much speed and our belt driven motor eliminates the needs to push yourself over long, flat and up hill stretches.


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