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USMC Veteran Nicholas Hogan founded Hogan’s Boards to ensure the working man can invest in a high-quality electric longboard that competes with the best electric boards on the market. He partnered with the right contacts to offer affordable electric longboards at a fraction of the competitors’ cost. Nicholas started the company as a kiosk two days after he got out of the Marines. Currently, the company operates worldwide and enables customers to order electric longboards online.

At Hogan’s Boards, we wanted to create a unique product that could not only provide fun and recreation, but also offer the best electric transportation experience. Our longboards are built from the best materials while still being affordable for customers.

Like surfing, longboarding can be intimidating. Carving downhill can requires great speed, which can cause exhaustion and fatigue. Our boards are designed to eliminate these problems. A Bluetooth remote control allows you to apply the brakes if you start picking up too much speed. In addition, our belt-driven motor eliminates the needs to push yourself over long, flat, and uphill stretches.

Ready to buy an electric skateboard online? Browse through our extensive collection of motorized skateboards to find the perfect liftboard electric skateboard for your lifestyle and aesthetic. Our collection also features a wide range of boarding accessories, including wheels, helmets, pads, remote controls, and chargers. We offer shipping across North Carolina.


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“Nicholas has been great to deal with. He is knowledgeable about his products and is very personable as well. I bought the fastest board he had to offer and it was a great decision! I ride it several times a week and haven’t had any problem with it. It rides smooth and will go extremely fast (for standing on a long board) but it does have a slow mode and a fast mode which makes it nice for other riders. Hogan is very professional and I would recommend anyone to him if they are considering an electric long board.”
Graham M.

I have 2 electric longboards that i purchased online, When I found out that there is a new brand called Hogans Boards near me, I went to see the shop and get more information about the brand and their boards. It’s absolutely one of the most beautiful design i have ever seen, so comfortable to ride and carry, their charging time is double from the boards that I already own. And yes, I bought one for myself and i love it!! Thanks Nick for your great customer service!

Ruth Bassworth

When i came across the shop at the mall i already was attract by the cool design of this electric longboard, I ended up buying the basic model which is great to begin with. Already had a few rides and i absolutely love it!! Thanks #HogansBoards

David W. Johnson
Amazing board, love my new electric longboard, Customer service was awesome and price is great compare to all the other electric longboards out there, I will recommend Hogans board to anyone that loves riding…
Rich Sheldon




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